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Experimental Incubators

Our experimental incubators are open source and pre-programmable to run any possible cycle of CO2, temperature, and O2 levels. Easily customize your experimental conditions like never before.

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Democratizing Biology
Through open source and open hardware, Incuvers empowers researchers to explore new ideas without limitations.

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02 Control for Hypoxia

The Model 1 incubator controls O2 concentration for better cell viability and  all your hypoxic experiments.

O2 sensor: Driven by fluorescent quenching technology, our hypoxic model provides 1 - 25% range with 0.01% resolution. ‍

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Open Source

Our products are built to be hacked. We're passionate about empowering researchers with open source technology. Through the Ardruino platform, customize the Model 1 to adapt to all your experiments. Start experimenting with Incuvers.


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Modular Sensors

Through Arduino's open source system, the Model 1 can be customized for any experiment. Easily connect and program all of your sensors. Check out our community to see how they've hacked the Model 1, or visit our GitHub.

Small Footprint

At just 6.6 litres and 20 lbs, the Model 1 is the most compact CO2 incubator available. It's small footprint means incubation anywhere. Traditional incubators are shared and constantly opened. Take complete control of your experiments with your personalized Incuvers incubator.

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The Incuvers Community

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head shot of Dr. Dylan Burger from University of Ottawa

A solution to a problem I didn't even know I had.

Dr. Dylan Burger

University of Ottawa

Mount Sanai Hospital, New York

David Sachs, PhD

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head shot of David Sachs from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

After how I hacked it, I can't believe it still works!



What's Next:

Live Time Lapse Imaging


The next generation of cell incubation is coming and it's going to change the face of biology.

If you'd like to join our private beta, sign up here. We will keep you updated on the latest from Incuvers.

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