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Model 1 Tri-Gas

Explore your ideas free from limitations with your own open source hypoxic CO2 incubator.

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Custom Cycles

Program CO2, O2, and temperature levels to your needs

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Benchtop Size

Bring this 6.6 L and under 20 Lb tri-gas incubator anywhere

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Open Source

Hack your incubator with its Arduino board and code on Github

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Control O2 concentration for hypoxia and better cell viability

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What They're Saying

"After how I hacked it, I can't believe it still works!"

Dr. David Sachs

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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"A solution to a problem I didn't know I had!"

Dr. Dylan Burger

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

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Telemetric Chambers

A telemetric chamber creates a fully controllable environment with two-way communication that captures real time analytics through live imaging.

Unlike incubators, telemetric chambers are IoT devices that allow you to capture and simulate physiological events like hypoxia and ischemia.

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IRIS telemetric chamber
tri-gas incubator

IRIS Hardware

This telemetric chamber gives you absolute control of conditions, constant live data, and time lapse videos of it all.

  • 20x phase and GFP fluorescent live cell imaging and cell culture monitoring
  • Automated protocols for incubation conditions
  • Oxygen control for hypoxic incubation
  • Personal benchtop size
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Protocol Designer

Simulate ischemic events, perform heat shocks, and more by designing your experiments to cycle, fluctuate, or maintain environmental conditions. With IRIS you have complete control of your chamber's conditions.

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in incubator live cell imaging on phone
recorded time lapse videos of cells

Live Cell Imaging and Monitoring

In incubator live cell imaging means uninterrupted experiments, constant remote cell culture monitoring, and automatic data and video logging for all experiments.

  • Receive email alerts if CO2 levels drop
  • Live monitoring from any device, any time
  • Cloud video storage + local backup
  • Automated cell counter
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The Future

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The Incuvers Vision:

"To Visualize, Connect, and Explore Every Moment of Cellular Research"

Download automated protocols from other researchers

Search and watch videos from around the world

Share your published work with the world on Open Incuvers

Log all your videos to the cloud for easy access and sharing

Our vision is of one platform connecting all of the world's cellular researchers through a common technology. A telemetric chamber isn't just a space to grow cells; it becomes your very own virtual lab assistant and a point of connection within a global network of likeminded researchers.

Live Analytics

As the Incuvers community grows, IRIS will begin to harnesses AI to compare your analytics with other researchers around the world. This global benchmarking means that you always have relative information on how your experiments are performing.

live cell analytics on phone
teaching cell culture in undergraduate education

Teaching Cell Culture

IRIS brings teaching cell culture to a new level. Now, students can monitor and record their experiments online in real-time and instructors can easily track their progress.

We are now accepting applications from institutions for our fall pilot. Contact us for more information.

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IRIS Pricing


+ monthly subscription

  • Open source automated protocols
  • Phase and fluorescent live cell imaging
  • Live monitoring from all devices
  • Automated data and video recording
  • Cloud storage & local backup
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