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Live Cell Imaging Incubators

IRIS is the first incubator of its kind, incorporating live cell imaging and remote monitoring capabilities within a hypoxic CO2 incubator.

This makes it easy to capture time lapse videos and to monitor your experiments remotely, rather than coming into the lab.

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teaching cell culture in undergraduate education

IRIS for Education

IRIS lets students easily record time lapse videos of their experiments and check on them in real time from anywhere on their phone and laptop.

Admin accounts for instructors mean you can easily track the progress of your students' experiments at all times.

The Incuvers Vision

"The Youtube of Cellular Research"

As the Incuvers community grows, researchers will be able to upload their experiments to Incuvers where experiment videos and protocols from around the world can be browsed, searched, and filtered. This data is all analyzed so you can compare your experiments live to the others around the world.

Current Products

Model 1 Tri-Gas Incubator

Customer Testimonial

How Dr. Dylan Burger of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute reduced CO2 usage, improved student training, minimized contamination, and started working with hypoxia at an affordable cost.

More on Model 1 Tri-Gas

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