Creating an incubation chamber around a microscope.

The Sachs Lab works in cardiac tissue engineering, and was looking to perform some timelapse imaging.  They were initially going to undertake the task of building their own incubation device around their microscope. The Model 1 was a perfect fit because of it's open firmware system, they were capable of integrating it with all their other experimental systems.  

After how I hacked it... I can't believe it still works!

David Sachs, Assistant Professor
‍‍‍Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

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Effects of chronic‍‍‍ hypoxia on zebrafish larvae‍‍‍

The Perry lab is interested in the effects of chronic hypoxia in zebrafish. Their usual protocol was to hold the hose into their tanks and wait... This of course was tiring and the measurements were very unstable. The Model 1 simplified everything by regulating‍‍‍ their samples at a steady 5% O2 while they were able to focus on results. ‍‍‍

Prof. Steve Perry, Dean of Science
University Of Ottawa

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Time Lapse imaging of‍‍‍ heal wound assays‍‍‍  

Dr. Burger was toying with the idea of building his own device and integrating low cost amplified cameras. The Model 1 was the perfect fit, because it's open firmware system allow him to integrate his cameras while it took care of regulating the environmental conditions to a perfect 5% CO2 and 37 degrees Celsius. ‍‍‍

Dr. Dylan Burger
Ottawa Hospital, University Of Ottawa

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A solution to a problem I didn't even know I had.

Makes hypoxic experiments a breeze...