What does the Incuvers software license offer me?

The Incuvers software license provides you a constantly growing variety of features including live access to your cells and incubator conditions on any device, easy time lapse video capture, email notifications, cloud storage of all videos and experiment data, and more.

How many wells can it image at a time?

IRIS can image only 1 field of view at a time. You can image other areas of your cultures, but it requires manual movement of the plate.

What kind of plates can it image?

The imaging stage of IRIS is compatible with T25/T75 flask, 3.5/10 cm Petri dish, and 6 - 12 well plate.

Does is pick up fluorescence?

IRIS can capture GFP 488nm fluorescence.

What magnification does it provide?

10 - 20x digital zoom.

How many plates can it store?

IRIS can comfortably store 20+ plates.

Does it provide analytics?

Upon initial release, there will not be analytics incorporated into the platform, but basic analytics will be released as a software update following the product launch.

Does the imaging system overheat the incubator?

Because the system does not have a moveable stage, the components are able to be kept completely separate from the incubator environment, making it more robust than more advanced systems on the market.

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