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Affordable CO2 Incubators with O2 Regulatio‍‍‍n

Incuvers is on a mission to democratize biology through open source CO2 incubators at affordable prices. Complete with O2 regulation, Incuvers is not only making biology more accessible, but improv‍‍‍ing experiments through optimal growth conditions.

Making Biology Accessible
‍‍‍Starting at just $2199, the Model 1 is the most affordable incubator available today, making cellular biology more accessible for everyone and helping labs get the most value out of their‍‍‍ limited budget.

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02 Regulation

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The Model 1 controls O2 con‍‍‍centration for better cell viability and  all your hypoxic experiments.

O2 sensor: Driven by fluorescent quenching technology, our hypoxic model provides 0 - 25% range with 0.01% resolution. ‍

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Incuvers Model 1 CO2 incubator

Open Source

Our products were built to be hacked. Since the beginning, we've been passionate about building open source technology that is easily adaptable to any experiment. This means our users have the freedom to personalize their systems.


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‍‍‍Mount Sa‍‍‍n‍‍‍ai Hospital, New York

David Sachs, ‍‍‍PhD

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After how I hacke‍‍‍d it, I can't believe it still works!

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Modular Sensors

‍‍‍Through it's Arduino open source system, the Model 1 can be integrated into any experiment. Connect lights, cameras, or anything else you want so you can run your experiments your way. Check out our community to see how they've incorporated the Model 1, or check out our GitHub.‍‍‍



Small Footprint

At 6.6 litres, the Model 1 is the most compact and multifunctional CO2 incubator available. It's personal footprint means you can run your experiments anywhere you want. Compared to large traditional incubators, the model 1's size allows it to regulate the conditions of your sensitive experiments with unparalleled precision.

The Incuvers ‍‍‍Community

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A solution to a problem I didn't ev‍‍‍en know I had.

‍‍‍Dr. Dylan B‍‍‍urger

Unive‍‍‍rsity of Ottawa

What's Next:

Live Time Lapse Imaging


The next generation of cell incubation is coming and it's going to change the face on biology.

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Democratizing the World of Cel‍‍‍l Biology