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Introducing the Model 1

The Model 1 was designed by scientists for scientists. W‍‍‍e understand the desire to explore ideas, which is why we built the world's first modular scientific incubator that can be tailored to any experiment.

High Precision CO2 Regulation

‍‍‍Unlike mainstream CO2 incubators, the Model 1 uses real time ‍‍‍feedback of the chamber's environmental conditions. No averaging, no delays.

Reliability: NDIR technology utilizes LED infrared optics to provide unparalleled accuracy of ±70ppm.

Speed: Real time second-to-second‍‍ regulation means healthier cell growth.

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Hypoxic Growth Chamber‍

The Model 1 has been fitted with an oxygen sensory to create hypoxic conditions for all your low oxygen experiments.

O2 sensor: Driven by fluorescent quenching technology, our hypoxic model provide 0-25% range with 0.01% accuracy. ‍

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Optimized Stem Cell growth through Tri-Gas Incubation

Maintain the perfect balance of CO2 and O2 for your sensitive stem cell differentiation protocols.    

Dual Valves: The Model 1 has dual valves for independent gas regulation to ensure the best results for your cell growth.


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Zebrafis‍‍‍h Breeding Chamber

The Model 1 has an LED lighting system that can be regulated to a cyclical 14 hour cycle. Perform your zebrafish experiments outside of commonly shared facilities and on your schedule.

Dual LED Array: The Model 1 has a dual LED array for maximum luminosity and guaranteed breeding cycle manipulation.

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Live Timelapse Imaging

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Watching the development ‍‍‍of your cells can often be more revealing than the final results. Watch every step of your experiment through hassle free timelapse imaging.    

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After how I ‍‍‍hacked it, I can't believe it still works!

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